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My desire for Half Italian grew out of a love for my Italian heritage, my love for Logan Square, and the love of fresh food.


Half Italian comes from memories of Saturday morning trips with my dad to Harlem Avenue to visit our local Italian store. There, we would be sure to purchase fresh salami, mortadella, cheese, and bread. Saturday lunch was just that, spread out on the table as soon as we arrived home.


My Nona Mabel was 100% Italian; from the north, as she was always sure to point out. She ate alfresco all Summer and much of what she ate was grown in her garden. A glass of wine with every meal was a must. Mine was always diluted with water or 7-UP. I remember once she took a healthy drink of wine straight from the bottle and said "This is my hobby."


Nona Mabel was "green" before anyone knew what green was.


My travels to Europe always include stops to local markets where I am continually inspired by shop owners who keep it simple and fresh.






Nancy A. Kamp

Owner of Half Italian

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